Simplify organizing your event
like the largest event organizers in the Czech Republic

A comfortable Web-based system to support the conferences organization. You can manage everything you need from receiving posts, reviewing posts, registering participants, creating an event program, creating print materials for a collection, or compiling an electronic collection on a USB in one place.

Pamper yourself and your participants

Pamper yourself, your lecturers and your participants by the tool that many organizers have used for hundreds of events.

The comfort is in the details

You will appreciate this sophisticated tool for the conferences, summits or congress organization during the contribution and review submission period as well as during preparation of materials as Event Programme or Book of Abstract.

Save your time and resources

The Confea modules cover the entire process and help you prepare and organize the event at any time.

For whom is the system designed for?

Confea is designed for all event organizers, from small seminars from a few dozen people to the largest events with thousands participants.

The system and its pricing is tailored for all event sizes.

What Confea can do??

How does Confea work?

The web-based system is accessible worldwide through standard web page browsers.

Thanks to its versatility it is easy to customize Confea system for your needs.

Confea system
features and modules

Internet presentation of your event

Confea is a part of the robust website content management system Topinfo CMS. Confea and Topinfo CMS synergy brings to the System Administrator maximum comfort. It allows to use a modern and modifiable graphic design optimized for the needs of the event internet presentation.

Author registration

This feature enables you to collect important contact information you need to know about the authors. Once they are registered they get access to the secure user zone of the system.

Contribution submission

Using this feature you get all authors contributions, divide them into topics and subtopics. The submission form can be customized by the System Administrator according to event needs.


The Confea system includes a wide range of reports - registered persons, contributions, their reviews etc. The report user interface contains necessary filters and CSV exports.

Contribution reviews

After reviewers assigning to individual contributions can run a basic single-round contribution review. Reviewers can use a simple form to make contribution review, to share their feedback or comments with the event committee or the author.

Super-review/Chief abstract assessor

This interface allows to the selected experts (such as the Scientific Committee) to check all single-round contributions reviews and make a final decision - to accept or to reject each single contribution.

Full paper reviews

After reviewers assigning to individual contributions can run a basic multi-round contribution review. Reviewers can use a form to make the full paper review, make comments for authors, authors then can submit a corrected version of full paper and this procedure is repeating until the full paper is accepted or rejected.

Book of abstracts

Confea helps you to prepare materials for Book of abstracts. You can choose which contribution information should be used in the generated output which you can later process in your favourite publication creator.

Event programme

You can easily assign time and place of presentation to each presented contribution. You can create programme blocks, check time and location double booking of lectures etc. The finished programme can be displayed on the website as public or for logged users only.

Each logged user is able to prepare his own individual programme, according to his preferences.

Electronic Proceedings on USB

Would you like to equip the participants with electronic proceedings on a USB stick? There's nothing easier than to generate it in the system Confea. You choose what information should the contribution include, prepare additional pages and texts and then you need only a few seconds to start an automatic creation of the proceedings.

Detailed participants registration

Do you need to find out who will be interested in accommodation, participation in accompanying events, etc.? The system can provide you the registration of participants including an optional possibility of individual connection with your own software.

Symposium submission

There is in system Confea also a possibility to send non-reviewed symposiums and workshops, including their subordinated contributions.

Contribution PDF generator

This feature allows the Event Administrator to define a template for generating the contributions in PDF format. A PDF is generated as soon as the author submits the data via a contribution form.

DOC(X) to PDF conversion

Do you need to get DOC(X) files from authors, but you would prefer to provide to reviewers these contributions in PDF format? System Confea automatically convert it into PDF.

You will appreciate this feature especially when the authors will upload full papers where the author's names will not be listed for an objective and independent review. When the review process is over, the system Confea is able to generate automatically the first page with contribution title, list of authors, with the abstract text etc. and finally to join it with PDF full papers into one complete PDF. This PDF can be used for proceedings too.

Linguistic correction module

The can be a special user or group of users with “language proof-reader” privilege. To such user you can allocate a set of contributions which need to be grammatically reviewed.

You can manage which parts of contribution content will be accessed and customize the correction form according to your needs.


It helps the committee to get the participant feedback on how is he satisfied with the event organization. There is a possibility to define a set of questions in the survey form and to set the survey submission as a mandatory condition for gaining of certificate of accreditation.

How much does the Confea system cost?

The price depends on the number of authors and the number of modules you will use for the event. For small events the price starts at ~560 EUR (14 000 CZK), the final price is just up to you and your wishes.