Simplify organizing your event
like the largest event organizers

A comfortable Web-based system to support the conferences organization. You can manage everything you need from receiving posts, reviewing posts, registering participants, creating an event program, creating print materials for a collection, or compiling an electronic collection on a USB in one place.

Pamper yourself and your participants

Pamper yourself, your lecturers and your participants by the tool that many organizers have used for hundreds of events.

The comfort is in the details

You will appreciate this sophisticated tool for the conferences, summits or congress organization during the contribution and review submission period as well as during preparation of materials as Event Programme or Book of Abstract.

Save your time and resources

The Confea modules cover the entire process and help you prepare and organize the event at any time.

For whom is the system designed for?

Confea is designed for all event organizers, from small seminars from a few dozen people to the largest events with thousands participants.

The system and its pricing is tailored for all event sizes.

What Confea can do??

How does Confea work?

The web-based system is accessible worldwide through standard web page browsers.

Thanks to its versatility it is easy to customize Confea system for your needs.

Confea can assist with your event

AuthorĀ“s registration and contribution submission
Reviews submission and contribution evaluation
Programme planning
Preparation of Book of Abstracts printing material
Participants registration
Certificate of accreditation

How much does the Confea system cost?

The price depends on the number of authors and the number of modules you will use for the event. For small events the price starts at 560 EUR, the final price is just up to you and your wishes.

Confea Lite from 560 EUR

  • up to 250 non-reviewed contributions
  • customizable forms
  • outgoing e-mails templates
  • bulk mailing
  • reports exportable into CSV (authors, contributions)
  • responsive website including CMS
  • possibility to purchase extending modules

Confea Pro from 1 150 EUR

  • Confea Lite features
  • up to 500 reviewed contributions
  • potential reviewers management + their individual or bulk addressing
  • receiving and processing of 1st level reviews (one-round)
  • super review (Chief Assessor) interface
  • reports exportable into CSV (authors, contributions, reviews)

Confea Pro 1000+ price on request

  • Confea Pro
  • unlimited reviewed contributions
  • receiving and processing of 1st (one-round) and 2nd level (multi-round) reviews
  • receiving of full papers (e.g. in DOC/DOCX format)
  • on-the-fly PDF conversion of uploaded DOC/DOCX files
  • incorporating of supplied web design
Detailed comparison of licences and usage of versatile extending modules